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Japan Plays Local – and good for them!

The power of local is really strong, it turns out. I just found out the until today xBox sold only 2 million units in Japan, which is close to nothing in xBox numbers and is approximately the number of units Playstation sales in a year.. It seems that the stores in Japan are not even selling xBox games or consoles anymore, cause it just doesn’t sell. On the other hand, sales of Sony Playstation keep raising and local game developers say that it’s due to the local trustworthy of the Sony brand. Good for them.

hardware sales in japan

Sales Source: VGchart
Japan playing playstation


The Improved Kinect Version

I just saw the new info about the new Kinect system specifications. The new system called “Durango” (weird choice of name for Microsoft, but than again the Kinect used to be called “Natal” before its launch)  is an improved version due to few features:

  • Skeleton tracking – Multiple players (more than two), detection of sideways positions, and better joints detection
  • More joint points on the skeleton – allows better movement recognition
  • Better IR resolution – Active IR that will enable recognition in worst lighting conditions
  • Larger Field-of-View – will enable to have wider space to play if needed or if players are in different heights.
  • Better accuracy – maybe will finally enable hardcore gamers that want precision to enter the motion world

Microsoft are working hard on getting new buyers, I guess they see the movement towards other game platforms and need to make themselves more attractive and unique to justify the price.

Durango Next-Generation Kinect Sensor

Improved Skeleton – Durango Next-Generation Kinect Sensor

Let’s wait and see

Here’s the link: VGLEAKS