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Since first seeing the Hololens everyone were impressed, unlike Oculus which is a total virtual reality covering your sight, the Hololens immerses with your real world view.

However, it seems that that was just the concept impression shown by the marketing team. In a recent promotional video, released by a collaboration between Microsoft and Case Western Reserve University we can actually see what the user is seeing, and it’s not a full field of view image that has holographic images. It is a window, in front of the viewer which shows the holographic object.

Hopefully, it is only a viewer version of the Hololens, and indeed us the viewers will be able to see what we were told we will see

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You'll probably see Minecraft world through a window in your field of view

You’ll probably see Minecraft world through a window in your field of view



In this non stop environment we live in, sometimes it feels like there’s no stopping.

Field studio in London harnesses VR technology for calming the outside mess of tech for an inner experience.

“It’s really calming and it’s a nice pleasant experience. There is no shooting involved,” says Wendt, Field’s creative director, “It’s more like going to a sauna or a spa.” in this interview covering the project.

The VR head mount is so well designed you just want to hold it close. Combined with probably a great inside aesthetic immersive experience, we wish it would go on sale in stores.

The project was presented in a London exhibition in May 2015, sponsored by LG. Read more about the exhibition



The Best And Worst Gadgets Of 2013

TechCruch honors the Best, Worst and Ugly of 2013. And guess who are in the worst – “Android Game Consoles” (like the buzz word of 2013), OUYA (an Android Game Consoles….) and Leap Motion (the marketing shabang that got away…)
I agree with every word, especially on the fact that LG places the turn-on/off and volume button on the back. But why?
Great read.