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I Need About 10 Spotters

I need a Spotter for all appliances, for the door, for the outside temperature, damm – I need a spotter for my dog…
If it was cheaper (now it’s $49.99), like $9.99 I would have bought 10 of these and scattered them around the house.

Spotters is one of the products developed as part of the Quirky community.




Identifying Alzheimer In New Tech Age

This cooperating between a Boston-based Akili Interactive Labs and Pfizer may release a tool to identify levels of Alzheimer through tilting of an adventure game on iPad.

No More Woop Aims To Recognize Pets Basic Thoughts

What? Do you think it is possible to recognize specific brain patterns in  the dog’s brain and translate them to actual sentences?

Well, if it’s possible for humans, why wouldn’t it be possible for dogs?

This bunch of developers think they can make it happen:

I need to investigate more into that

Leap Shmeap

You’ve got to give it to HP for trying. They made the pack with Leap Motion and were the first to integrate the technology in their keyboards and devices. But – they needed to check if it’s worth it. The marketing of Leap was amazing before actually launching the product. Tons of buzz ran around the industry, videos over videos, awards, tents at CES and loads of interviews. So HP hurried to the source and signed the deal. But they didn’t check if the buzz fits the actual delivery.


Reviews are mostly negative, the usage is not intuitive and not comfortable; Too close to the device with very limited field of use. When they came out Leap claimed 18,000 developers applied for the SDK, but the outcome is that there are less then 100 games/apps using leap and most (if not all) were sponsored by Leap.

Now HP went public with 11 devices embedded with Leap capability – but no one wants it according to the reviews on Amazon. No only the usage is not easy, but why use fingers when you’re so close to the device, sitting down? it’s exhausting!

Good Luck to HP, at least they launched it on Christmas, it’s a great gift. just a great gift.

Playing with fingeres instead of dancing

The Leap Motion launched and we hear so many tales of wasted money and useless usability. But that will change, the product marks a change, this is definite. What is not so good is trying to fit games that should be played with full body, like with a Kinect, to a two fingers game. Like this one by Double-Fine:

Dropchord by Double Fine, coming soon

Looks so boring as as you can’t move. But the graphics and movement on the screen is so appealing and teasing. Just makes you want to dance!
I hope Xbox will take this title in the future.


Introducing Photos of You

Instagram launched a new added service to their photo sharing application. When you upload a photo to Instagram, you’re now able to add people as easily as you add hashtags. Only you can add people to your photos, so you have control over the images you share. And it doesn’t stop at people—you can add any account on Instagram, whether it’s your best friend, favorite coffee shop or even that adorable dog you follow.

Introducing Photos of You from Instagram on Vimeo.

With that let me show you the new, improved logo for Instagram, released today. What do you think?