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Yahoo! Digests Are Taking Away Banner Ads

Yahoo! Tech daily digest will be banner ads free

Yahoo! Tech daily digest will be banner ads free

I watched Marissa Mayer’s keynote at CES and was most impressed from the digests, giving crisp, beautiful experience combined with great UX.
They added the fact that the Yahoo digests (for example will not include interfering banners. Then the question arose – how? Yahoo is looking for ads like any other site. They said “we will explain later”, so I waited until the end of the keynote, but still no explanation.
So far I have not seen any ad. I guess they are carefully integrated.
I’ll look forward to seeing one. I do hope (for their own sake) they are not selling away content.


Unlocking the Power of the Web as a Platform for Gaming

Another cool thing I saw at the GDC 2013 was the new Mozilla release that was showcased at the NVIDIA booth:

Enabling to transform any C# or C++ code into Javascript. Yes Yes – the hardest thing in the world to do is now here. Turning millions of codes into a web browser Javascript version.

Let the online games begin!!!!

Facebook Redesign: Goodbye Clutter – Hello Spam

Facebook just showcased the news feed redesign. It seems that the only change is that they are making the pictures larger.

The tagline they put:

Goodbye Clutter. Hello bright, beautiful stories.

Is nice but they need to understand that the clutter is mostly the fault of the “suggested posts” they care to SPAM at the users constantly…

Until that would change, I don’t see any chance of the redesign doing much difference. It’s just a face-lift – the lady is still old…

New Facebook news feed design

Join the waiting list – New Facebook news feed design

Facebook is no longer interesting, and it’s feed is more commercial than ever. Users are moving to more focused social sites – and here’s another proof.

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