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The App stores are conquering the games market

This is amazing – The App stores are conquering the games market, users are downloading more games than ever and willing to pay for it. I don’t mean paying when they download, oh no. I mean paying through In-App upgrades. That’s an amazing method when you get to actually TRY the game before deciding you want to purchase it.

In the recent insight provided by AppAnnie we found out that in Q4 of 2012 more people downloaded games from app stores than bought bought games for consoles. Sweeet! Does that mean soon the consoles will be a thing of the past? I think so, once the mobile devices will have features that turn them into game controllers, you will not need to be dependent on any dedicated console.

WorldwidePortableGameConsumerSpending, 4Q12

Worldwide Portable Game Consumer Spending, 4Q12 (App Annie and IDC)

Another look into the future shows us in courtesy of Google, we understand that since the Tablets are becoming a second device in practically every home, soon the tablets will be the main device for games. It has all the right features: It’s totally mobile, connected and with a large screen – makes much more sense than playing on your smartphone. Prices of mobile devices are on the low, and the forecast for manufacturing is getting super high. Actually, the Google survey indicated that users claim they prefer their tablet to the PC at home.

Tablets are used widely for playing games, searching for  information and emailing

Tablets are used widely for playing games, searching for
information and emailing (Google Service Survey)

Tablet vs. PC Shipment Projection (Venture Beat)

Tablet vs. PC Shipment Projection (Venture Beat)


Oculus Rift Futurism!

Three amazing facts about the Oculus Rift:

(1) It gives you a feeling of 360 degrees field-of-view, which makes you feel like you’re actually in the game

(2) There are going to be lots of “first shooter” games going out soon since the company made a good decision of approaching top-tier game developers

(3) It’s going to be cheap and the SDK will be out there – who knows which applications you’re going to have? The sky is the limit!

Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift 3D Gaming Head Mounting Display