Plain Vanilla Raises $22 Million In Round B For What?!

quizup-masthead-finalI was amazed to read that a small Icelandic mobile game studio Plain Vanilla that just launched one game a few months ago raised an astonishing 22 million dollars (today announced) for round B funding. Their app QuizUp is a trivia game, where you can choose from 300 subjects and compete against people worldwide. Great stuff. Although the game reached mass crowd of 5 million downloads, it reminds me of such temporary success apps that had a blast into app-heaven and then went away such as that painting game, and that music trivia game… all great, all gone to really small numbers.

What seems to be unique here is their social boards which they claim to get 100,000 posts on daily.

So where will the $22 million go to?

Conversion to Android –  Ok, that’s like 2-3 months of work…

Localization globally… – mean translating, developing more questions and marketing, cool. QuizUp team claims that most of their local questions come from the local people, and that’s actually a great social idea. Crowdsourcing the local trivia.

Still this expansion plan depends mostly on the right execution. I still don’t understand the investors. Most trivia apps have the same bell curve of hype and then slope to oblivion. Are they expecting it to be the next Angry Birds? I highly doubt it.

What do you think?


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