Japan Plays Local – and good for them!

The power of local is really strong, it turns out. I just found out the until today xBox sold only 2 million units in Japan, which is close to nothing in xBox numbers and is approximately the number of units Playstation sales in a year.. It seems that the stores in Japan are not even selling xBox games or consoles anymore, cause it just doesn’t sell. On the other hand, sales of Sony Playstation keep raising and local game developers say that it’s due to the local trustworthy of the Sony brand. Good for them.

hardware sales in japan

Sales Source: VGchart
Japan playing playstation



  1. Walters

    Yeah it’s somewhat of a shame since there were some fairly good titles released for the 360, but in the end, I don’t think Microsoft could come up with a solid marketing strategy to get gamers in JP to get their system.

    • O me

      Hi Walters, I agree. I think their efforts now are useless, waste of time in JP. If they want to focus on Asia they should invest in India or China maybe.

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